Planned Parenthood

A 20-year-old UCLA student (who is also the president of a pro-life club at the university) went undercover as a pregnant 13-year-old to a Planned Parenthood location in Bloomington, Indiana. Check out the story at Fox News, and watch the video below.

Much like I don’t want to be painted with the same brush as every other pastor out there who makes a mistake, I think it’s fair to say that not every Planned Parenthood employee is this twisted.

What was her motivation to lie? Why was she willing to compromise so much and risk her job to end the patient’s pregnancy? Did she really feel like she was helping her?

ht: nasolas

5 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood”

  1. crazy. I can’t believe someone would do that. Maybe she felt like she was helping her but I doubt it. It seems like a lot less work to do what she did than report everything. Could it simply be a product of laziness?

  2. CJ- that would be some seriously wicked laziness… She seemed a little less lazy than determined to hook this girl up with an abortion. I don’t know her motives… she’s hard to read, only because nothing she did makes sense!

    Michael- I had heard about that gift certificate promo. How ironic is it that they’re selling gift certificates that pay for a life to end, on a holiday that is all about a baby being born… sad.

  3. Wow dude this whole video just shocks me! I think back like 14 years ago when I was 14 and I don’t know if kids were even having sex. I often wonder what the next step society takes will be…

  4. I remember being in junior high (a wee 16 years ag0) and knowing about ONE couple that was having sex, or at least HAD sex, or at least told everyone that they’d had sex and we believed them. I hadn’t even seen myself naked at that age…

    The next step “society” is taking will be into our youth groups! Keep sharing that story of yours.

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