Junky Car Club Rally


This Saturday I’ll be at the Junky Car Club Rally in Costa Mesa. Linds and I volunteered to help em out in any way they needed, so they’re putting us to work!

The rally is all about bringing awareness and support to families who are homeless. They’re collecting canned and/or non-perishable food donations to distribute to needy families.

To have some fun there will be a junky car competition, a DJ playing tunes, and some food available for attendees.

Check out the website and come join us on Saturday!

Here’s the history on the Junky Car Club:

The Junky Car Club was established in the spring of 2006 when Mike Foster decided to sell his fully loaded Infiniti G35 sports car to drive a junky 1993 Toyota Camry. As an act of rebellion against consumerism and with the desire to give more to worthy causes, Mike began to enlist his friends and associates to join him in this experiment of driving with less and giving more.

The Junky Car Club has signed up members in the US, Australia, Russia, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Singapore. So if you’re passionate about social justice causes and are committed to living a generous life, the Junky Car Club wants you.

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