“Lost” smells a lot like “Frequency”

Here are some huge similarities between the movie “Frequency” (which I am watching as I type this) and the television show “Lost“.

The TV show “Lost” is all about time travel.

The movie “Frequency” is all about time travel.

Both are about going back and forth in time to save lives, save the day, etc…

Both talk a lot about the changes that will take place if anything in the past is altered from its original setting.

Both include Elizabeth Mitchell in a main role. In “Frequency” her name is Julia. On “Lost” her name is Juliet.

The bad cop in “Frequency” is named Jack Shepard.

The good doctor in “Lost” is named… Jack Shephard.

The hero in “Frequency” is a guy named John and he is nicknamed Chief. John Locke on “Lost” is the new chief of “The Others” (Chief was the nickname the show’s writers used in an interview to describe John Locke’s new role).

The character Jack in “Frequency” is the commander of the Fire Department. The character Jack from “Lost” is the commander of the plane crash survivors.

How about that?

15 thoughts on ““Lost” smells a lot like “Frequency””

  1. wow.

    I had no idea Lost was about time travel. Back when I was watching it (seasons 1 & 2) it was about plane crash survivors on a freaky tropical island with scientists, other weird people, and a polar bear.

    Frequency is a great movie. Probably Jesus Caviezel’s best work.

  2. Based on your blog on Lost and Frequency, I may just start watching Lost because I LOVE the move Frequency. Thanks for stealing about 4 full days of my life now Ryan.

  3. Did you also notice that the actor who plays Jack Shephard (Shawn Doyle) has also appeared in a lost episode (Eggtown). He plays a character called Duncan Forrester who is Kate’s lawyer.

  4. So stumbled onto the movie while channel surfing. I see Liz Mitchel and go “Hey, she’s on Lost!”. Then someone calls her Julia, and I think “No, her name’s Juliette. No wait, that’s her character on Lost”. Then I see the character named Jack Shepard and think, “Wow, what a coincidence.” But as a ‘Lost’ fan I know there is no such thing as a coincidence. Thanks to your post, I know I’m not the only one.

  5. haha! that’s funny 🙂

    This post gets a whole bunch of hits from people that search stuff like “lost, frequency similarities”. I get at least a few hits every day I think.

  6. OMG!!! That’s EXACTLY the search phrase I used on Google!!! Are you really a future me trying to send messages back through time, or am I a future you?? Did I really just use OMG in a post?? Can you send me a message from the past to make me stop??? And where are my keys? C’mon, I know you know! 😉

  7. This is Jack Shephard from Lost, but I was not lost in frequency only in the movie. I was lost in Frequency but not in Lost.

    And, yes, Julie and Juliett are twins doing the same job as acting, but they are not acting together.

  8. This is Jack Shephard, again.

    It seems society, that is the people, are very lost today in 2017 because I see the last comment over the Lost situation together with the Frequency was back in the past of 2009. Today in the future of 2017 noone seems interested in excellent piece of film due to the lack of cells in their pineal gland – the center of the bran.

    It is unthinkeable to think that 8 years has passed since the last comment over Lost and Frequency. TOTALLY UNSPEAKABLE!

  9. In Frequency, there is much focus centered around the ‘amazing” ’69 Mets and their World Series win. I believe it is when John’s father mentions that to him over the shortwave radio that he remembers how excited his dad had been about that series when John was a boy. This is when he begins to realize that he is talking to his own father from the past.

    In LOST the 2004 World Series win by the Red Sox is an ongoing theme. This originates from Jack’s father, Christian, who always commented “That’s why the Sox will never win the series.” Christian also says this in a ‘chance’ meeting with Sawyer in Australia. It is when Jack uses this same phrase that Sawyer realizes that Christian was Jack’s father. He is then able to pass on a message by telling Jack what his dad has said about their relationship shortly before his death. Later, Ben shows Jack either a newspaper or video proving to him that, while they were on the island, the Sox did indeed win the series.

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