Christmas is canceled

This is as bad as it gets. I’m canceling Christmas.

Who brings a gun to go toy shopping?

Who tramples a 34-year-old man to death to get to the sale rack first?

Absolute morons, that’s who…

I’m so sorry for those families who lost someone today to a senseless mob of shoppers.

God have mercy on us. We’ve reached an all-time low.

5 thoughts on “Christmas is canceled”

  1. Did you seriously just cancel the birth of Christ? Exactly what kind of power do you yield over there at Calvary?

  2. dk- I’m got some pull, but maybe not that much. Certainly not as much as you. Sorry to hear that you can’t boss Nasolas around any more!

    Garbs- I officially recant my kudos. Sorry I missed you when we were in town!

  3. My wife was told the story of a guy who took his wife shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving! While he was waiting in the parking lot a car pulled up with two couples in it. They parked in the handicap spot, got out of the car, pulled the handicap sign out of the ground, threw it down and went in to the store.

    It’s a scary world we live in.

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