Sunday recap

Woke up at 7am to get ready for high school ministry at 8:45am.

How in the world are 200 high school students waking up and coming to church at 8:45 every week? I can try to answer that question, but I like to think it’s a miracle.

Went to church at 10:45am.

Eric Wakeling did a great job of teaching through Luke 15:1-10. I hope Brent Dedmon gets the flu so I can teach the rest of the chapter next week.

Went to lunch with Lindsay and the Brosch’s at 12:30pm.

I don’t like healthy food.

Met with the volunteers in my high school ministry at 1:30pm.

Feeling really connected with my team after spending a month feeling a little bit disconnected.

Spent 30 minutes at home at 3:45pm.


Headed back to the church for our first Ecuador 2009 mission trip meeting at 5:00pm.

43 students/parents came but we only have 20 spots. I’m pretty frustrated that I can’t go on this trip.

Headed home and walked the crazy dog at 7:00pm .

I’m breathing much heavier than she is after a 3-mile walk.

Watching The Cosby Show at 9:05pm.

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