Super Bowl XLIII

So who are you picking? What’s your score prediction? Who’s your MVP?

I’m rooting and predicting for a Cardinals victory of course, and according to one ESPN poll, so are 52% of Americans!?!

EVERYBODY was saying that the Cardinals were hopeless back in early January. Remember these guys eating their words?

I think the Cardinals are going to come out and score a few really quick touchdowns and the Steelers will never recover. I think the MVP will be Boldin (or maybe Warner), with a final score of 27-17.


13 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIII”

  1. I want some of what you’re having :-).

    Not gonna be close folks:
    Steelers 34 Cardinals 10

    uhhhh, if the Steelers lose, please take it easy on me 🙂

  2. of course you are a little biased, but i agree. i think the cards win. but only if their defense plays the way it has the past few weeks.

  3. Toby- my wife won’t let me have any more of what I’m having so you can have it. You’ve obviously got your own stash of something if you think that the Shmeelers are gonna score that many points tomorrow. We’re not the Bengals.

    Tyler- you agreed with me, so I’m not sure how to respond. Go Tyler.

  4. Boldin, MVP? I hope not. Give it to Warner or Fitz.

    Its in the favor of the Steelers, I think. But I am rooting for Cards, obviously. I’m not one for predicting scores, let alone winners. But I think Warner and Fitz and Boldin and the whole Cards “D” are going to all have to play a heck of a game.

  5. I predict a Cardinals’ victory 38-24 with Kurt leading a game-clinching drive around the 5 minute mark.

    Fitzgerald and Boldin go for about 260 yards between them. TD catch for Breaston. James and Hightower each rush for a TD. Defense stops Pittsburgh cold on 4th downs.

    MVP goes to Warner, who throws for around 375 yards, 3 TDs, maybe 1 INT.

  6. Toby you said it was going to be 31-10 over on Pete Wilson’s blog… what about my blog makes you think your Steelers will kick another field goal?

    Paul, Warner will throw two interceptions. That’s what happens when you go big.

  7. The guy above me had the Steelers with 31 already…I had to be different :-).

    I wanna add something real quick:
    1. Steelers= #1 Defense in the league
    2. Cardinals= Worst rushing offense in the league
    Not good for Warner.

    Again, if the Steelers lose, I will disappear into a hole :-).

  8. I am going with 27 – 23 Cards!

    MVP goes to Adrian Wilson with 1 int, 1 forced fumble, and a sack. He is a beast

    ( i have no idea why or how i came up with those figures)

  9. At least it turned out to be a good game. After the first half I was afraid it was going to be a snoozer. What’s up with the officials? My wife said it was almost as bad as an NBA game the penalties were so one sided.

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