camp recap

Got back from the camp this afternoon. Started the week teaching in Luke 15, doing my best to burn an image of the father running off the porch (where I assume he was waiting for a long time for his son to return). I love that story because…

1. Jewish men didn’t run, it was undignified. But this one runs.

2. He didn’t punch the kid in the stomach when he got there.

3. I think he was probably wearing a William Wallace’ish man-skirt, which he would have had to hike up to run full-speed. But this guy doesn’t care what anyone thinks… he saw his kid take a step in his direction and he starts the full on pursuit of him. Then he throws a huge party.

4. It’s my story.

Then we looked at what Acts 19 and 20 for a picture of what it looks like to do church in a jacked up world… and here’s a little secret that you might not know: the Acts 19 and 20 world of Ephesus was u-g-l-y. Dark. Nasty. And had been that way for a loooong time. Until the church showed up 🙂

And I wrapped up my teaching with what I think is one of the most urgently needed reminders for the church these days: the story of the woman caught in in the act of adultery (John 8). How Jesus responds to her is remarkable… and it’s only made possible because of what he was about to go and do on that cross. He makes it possible for her to “go and live a different life”.

Brett Stanfill and his crew were amazing- even after their drummer Anders broke his collarbone midweed while we were all snowboarding… poor guy. They could have come in and acted like rockstars but they were humble and honest and ridiculously good at what they do.

Great week 🙂

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