I’m getting nothing for Christmas!

…and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Lindsay and I decided to skip buying something for each other this year, and sent the $50 each we usually spend in another direction. It’s not much, but it’s going a long way because of what Soles for Souls is doing.

I blogged about their “50,000 Shoes in 50 Days Challenge” a while back. The challenge is 35 days old, and as of now there have been 10,238 shoes purchased!! The seemingly impossible hope is that about 37,000 more pairs would be purchased over the next two weeks. But then again, nothing is impossible, right?

This week there is an anonymous donor that will match up to 500 pairs of shoes that are purchased. There’s also a drawing this week for a Wii that will go to the person who buys the most shoes.

Go check out the site and BUY SOME SHOES! Chances are that you’ll never even notice the money missing from your account.

3 thoughts on “I’m getting nothing for Christmas!”

  1. Dude, that rocks. Lisa and I made the decision to cut back on our spending for the girls and not get each other anything. Instead we’ve purchased a share of a freshwater well, a couple of chickens for a village and have given many pairs of shoes through the 50,000 shoe challenge. It’s a great feeling.

  2. Great minds think a like, or at least we do. This year for Christmas Mandy and I told all or our family that we didn’t want them to give us anything for Christmas and that we would be offended if we received something. Instead we wanted them to give what they would spend on us to an charitable organization of their choice. We alos told them they were getting nothing from us, instead we choose to sponsor 2 more compassion children.

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