winter camp

Here’s the recap:

hell, hell, hell, hell, hell, Jesus, hell, hell, hell…

…did I miss anything? Oh wait…

“See you later, maybe. Unless you’re in hell.”

This isn’t an exact quote, but this is very, very close to what was said to our kiddos before they headed home.

Are you kidding me???

What the hell has happened to the best news ever? I’ve never been more upset than I was during most of the chapel meetings.

A question: At the end of the day, does evil win, or does God have what it takes to save the day?

How dare we preach a “gospel” that makes Jesus seem completely helpless when confronted with the problem of sin and death. Didn’t he conquer death? Weren’t our enemies disarmed, defeated, and put under his feet? Isn’t he exalted and reigning at the right hand of God as we speak?

Does God lose?

2 thoughts on “winter camp”

  1. Fire insurance sales men make me want to want to jerk the wheel of my car into a gosh darn bridge embunkment.

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