away for a day

Actually, I’ll be away for three days.

I’m heading to a Winter Camp to do some teaching. I’ve never heard of a Tuesday to Thursday camp, but it should be sweet.


I’m FINALLY getting to bust out the snowboard on Wednesday with a bunch of the campers at Big Bear! I’m expecting to lose any respect I might have earned on Tuesday night once the kids see my clumsy butt fall off the first ski lift.

If you think about it I’d really love your prayers- I’m teaching tonight, tomorrow morning, and then again tomorrow night. I’m excited because I am someone whose life was ROCKED at a camp, so I know that God uses these getaways to change the course of people’s lives. I’m not a regular camp-speaker, which is probably a good thing because the nervousness will keep me dependent. I’ve seen God part some seas at camps with horrible speakers, so I’m comforted knowing it ultimately has very little to do with me!