car troubles

hondaSo we took my wife’s car into the shop because it sounded like… well, like a bicycle with baseball cards in the spokes. But only when you accelerated, and only for about 5 minutes. A small nuisance, but we figured we should probably get it fixed before we drive it to Arizona next week. We were also talking about getting the windows tinted, because you don’t drive around in AZ without tinted windows.

The car is a ’98 Civic with over 100k miles, so she’s getting old.

I didn’t realize how old she was getting.

Here’s the quote that the Honda dealer just emailed me… the car isn’t worth anywhere near what the repairs would cost!!!

noise heard while driving is cracked exhaust manifold / replace manifold & a pipe w/ shields $1226.18

cracks in drive belts (original) replace t-belt,water pump,drive belts & seals $713.89

wrong spark plugs are in the car – need replacement $98

oil pan gskt leaking oil needs replacement $278

voltage high at idle need valve adjustment & EFI $389.90

Rear brakes at replacement $219.95 shoes

What should we do??? We don’t have that kind of cash just laying around!

Take it out back and shoot it?

Trade it in?

Take it on a ride like Thelma and Louise?

What would you do???