my old man hip

old-manFor 8 years or so I’ve dealt with pain that is sometimes nagging and sometimes excruciating.

Some days I can barely walk; other days I don’t feel a thing. I’ve had days where I couldn’t get out of bed (or even lay in bed) because it hurt so bad.

I’ve had MRI’s, x-rays, physical therapy, massages, and chiropractic work done. The MRI’s and x-rays found nothing (pretty much). If you look at me straight on you can see it: my right shoulder is about an inch higher than my left.

I can’t remember doing anything to dislodge, rip, tear, damage my hip/lower back… but there’s still pain.

I have an old man hip.

And for 8 years I’ve just…sorta…come to terms with it. I realized today that I have accepted it as a normal part of life.

Today it hurts, tomorrow it probably won’t. Some days I play tackle football, other days I play lay-on-the-ground-and-moan-in-whiny-pain.

Chiropractors, doctors, and acrobatic massage therapists have had no success.

I’m just a little bit broken.

Am I alone? What pain nags you?

Complain away… tell me what kind of physical pain you’ve had to deal with. This won’t be very uplifting, but um… it’s totally true that misery loves company. Let’s all whine together 🙂