Guacamole tastes like vomit


How can anyone like guacamole?

I just don’t get it. It tastes like vomit. The guy in the picture is a guacamole maker. Grab some chips.

Guacamole tastes like someone else’s vomit.

I can’t stand onions… but I get why people like them. Tomatoes are nasty to me, but I get it. I would rather eat a plate of broken glass than a plate of asparagus, but I can see why someone would like asparagus.

But I do not taste or see anything appetizing about guacamole.

“Oh, but you haven’t had _____’s guacamole. If you had _____’s guacamole then you’d change your mind.”

I had their guacamole and I hated it.

Are there any other normal people out there who can’t stand this stuff?

Are you a guacamole lover?

If it isn’t guacamole, what food triggers your gag reflex?