we made it

We’re here in AZ! Well, I’m here… Lindsay went to Ohio for 5 days already. She seriously needs to get a job with Southwest Airlines.

We’re staying with our friends Brian and Promise until we land somewhere permanently. We’re not moving back into our old house (it’s still for sale). There are houses here in AZ going for like 150k that were TWICE that just a year ago (just like mine that is STILLLL FOR SAAAAAAALE). We’ll be house shopping non-stop once Lindsay gets back in town.

Tonight is my welcome party with the students, and then this weekend I’m being commissioned up front in all five services. Should be fun! Then on Monday I am in the office to hit the ground running! I love driving up and seeing the construction going on!

Lindsay is going to keep her eyes open for a job- let us know if you’ve got a great one for her!

I’m so excited to plug in and start doing life with this community. I’m missing my Calvary students for sure… this new crew has some huge shoes to fill, and so do I!

Moving back to Arizona

Here comes some big news in the world of Lindsay and Ryan: we’re heading back to Arizona next month 🙂

It was a very difficult decision to leave our church here in California, but we know that it is the right one.

We’re headed to Superstition Springs Community Church (soon to be Mission Community Church), where I will lead the Student Ministries team and focus most of my attention on the High School Ministry.

I wasn’t looking to leave Calvary, but when the invitation came to join the staff at SSCC we had to say yes. SSCC has been a really special place for Lindsay and I for a few years now. I was meeting with the lead pastor there to offer my time as a volunteer even while I was on staff at Cornerstone- I just loved it there. And Lindsay just glows when she’s there, and I like it when Lindsay glows.

Our time at Calvary has been so good. We love the staff and students so much, and saying goodbye to them will be no easy thing. God is doing amazing things at Calvary, and we were honored to be a part of it!

Please pray for the Calvary staff as they figure out what the next move is. The High School team at Calvary is in VERY good hands with Melissa Brosch at the wheel. And please pray for us as we move back to Arizona in the middle of the summer… yuck.

You can read a copy of the letter that I wrote to the families of our ministry here at Calvary by clicking HERE.