Concert at Mission Church!

I’ve NEVER put a concert together in my life, so I figured I’d put together a ridiculously good one to kick off my concert-planning career.

Sleeping at Last is on tour with a guy named Jeremy Larson, and they’re coming to Mission on April 23rd! S.A.L has been one of my favorite groups for the past few years… there’s just nobody like them. And then to top it off they’re bringing Jeremy Larson, who I instantly liked once hearing his music for the first time on his website.

And THEN, last but certainly not least… Trevor Davis will be joining the show too! He’s a ridiculously talented musician, and he’s an absolutely brilliant performer. The dude’s dancing ability makes Michael Jackson look like, well, ME.

Here are a few of their videos. If you’re interested in tickets and all that, I haven’t nailed that down yet. $10 is all I know. Oh, and it’ll be the best night of your life.

Sleeping At Last

If you haven’t heard of the band “Sleeping At Last“, then consider yourself blessed for swinging by my blog today. They’re definitely one of my favorites.

You can download a few of their songs for free by clicking HERE and checking out their Virb page. (People still use Virb??)

You can also hear a few more by clicking HERE and going to their main page.

And last but not least, they have a MySpace page as well.. right HERE.

Check out the video- this is hands down their best song.

You’re welcome 🙂