weekend at the Ritz

You know those times when you just need to get away so you justify spending a bunch of money on the thing at the place… well that’s what Linds and I are doing this weekend. We aren’t exactly rolling in the dough, but we’re gonna stay at the Ritz Carlton tomorrow night, get some dinner at the restaurant there, watch a movie and just chill out! We’re checking in early tomorrow so we’ll probably just lay by the pool until our hands are pruny. I’m teaching on Saturday and Sunday, so it will be a great way to unwind before all of that madness.

I’m such a lamo when it comes to creatively loving my wife. Lindsay posted something on her Facebook that was like, “Ryan’s taking me to the Ritz for the weekend, and we’re staying in the same room as our wedding night!” and someone asked where they could find a man like that.

hhahahahahahahahaha! Try Starbucks… or a bus stop… or waiting in line for the bathroom at a football game… or um, anywhere!

It doesn’t help that my boss the senior pastor is CASAfreakingNOVA in his marriage! Maybe I’d be more romantic if I didn’t have manboobs (can I say manboobs?) and if I wasn’t the pastiest white blur you’ve ever seen when I’m shirtless.

But I do love my wife, and I do love a challenge. So watch out Rico Suave. Skinnyfat guy is scoring points this weekend at the Ritz!