Brennan Manning

I’m really thankful for Brennan Manning’s books. I hope you’ve read them all, or at the very least THE RAGAMUFFIN GOSPEL.

I just finished ALL IS GRACE tonight, and I feel sad. I love a lot of writers, but none of them have impacted me in the same way as Manning. I’m sad that there are no more books on the way…

Here are some of my favorite quotes from his books. If you haven’t read any of his books, I hope they compel you to pick one up.

Some have labeled my message one of “cheap grace”. In my younger days, their accusations were a gauntlet thrown down, a challenge. But I’m an old man now and I don’t care. – ALL IS GRACE

Jesus Christ is crazy about you. He loves you just as you are, not as you should be. – ALL IS GRACE

The Father not only loves you, but likes you. – THE FURIOUS LONGING OF GOD

We are, each and every one of us, insignificant people whom God has called and graced to use in a significant way. In his eyes, the high-profile ministries are no more significant than those that draw little or no attention or publicity. On the last day, Jesus will look us over not for medals, diplomas, or honors, but for scars. RUTHLESS TRUST

Anyone God uses significantly is always deeply wounded. – RUTHLESS TRUST

The gospel of grace announces forgiveness precedes repentance. The sinner is accepted before he pleads for mercy. It is already granted. He need only receive it. Total amnesty. Gratuitous pardon. – THE RAGAMUFFIN GOSPEL