Assuming that I live long enough to retire, I’ve been wondering lately if & when I would actually do it.

The question I keep thinking through is, “When does a pastor retire?”. When do I say “Well, that’s enough.” and stop pastoring?

If I do retire, do I take on a role as a volunteer? I just don’t think I’ll ever be done serving. Maybe I won’t get a check, but I think I’m going to be a “pastor” for the rest of my life. I definitely HOPE that I always feel compelled to shepherd, serve, and teach.

Should I even consider retiring? I keep thinking about a pastor I worked with named George Bedlion. He must have been up in his 80’s, and he was still running the show in one of our family ministries!

I heard that Francis Chan doesn’t even have a savings account!

What do you think? Any kingdom-minded readers out there that are wrestling through what to do when they get to retirement age?