beating up kindergartners

A pastor name Jonathan Cliff posted a picture on Twitter of a bunch of first graders playing tug-a-war, and it got me thinking.

“I wonder how many first graders I could beat by myself?”

I meant in a game of tug-a-war, but Jonathan took it a step further in his follow-up question: How many five-year-olds could I take in a fight?

Three dozen according to this website. Sounds about right.

What about you?


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Eric Wakeling

I asked my friends on Facebook a simple question, and Eric Wakeling (Calvary’s Executive “Pastor” of Ministry) decided to use it as an opportunity to display his true colors.

eric wakeling doing what he doesHas this happened to you?

Have you been victimized like this by someone you love and respect? How did you respond?

How do you turn the other cheek on Facebook?

Are Eric’s glasses REALLY prescription, or are they secretly “for looks“?