reaching inward

The past few weeks at Mission have been all about discovering our giftedness. Last week’s message concluded with a challenge to get involved and serve at the church in some way. Everyone that wanted to take the next step was handed a card, asked to pick a couple areas of ministry they want to plug into, and attend a training this Saturday.

640 people signed up! 31 of those were for Student Ministries… not bad. I’m PUMPED about the 178 people that signed up to volunteer in our “Justice/Mission” ministries.

That’s so many! Some cynicical statistician will probably say, “Yeah but only ___% of them will actually follow through and stick with their commitment“, but I think this church might not be a victim of stats like that.

I love numbers like these… they’re the best kind of evangelism. When that many people step out and use their giftedness for God’s glory people will notice.

We’ll have some church on our hands for sure!