Grand Opening at Mission

The grand opening for our new buildings at Mission was last weekend, and it was a huge success.We opened a new Worship Center, and a new Student Center.

The initial thought for the weekend was to bring in a famous football player, which would likely draw a huge crowd, but we bailed on the idea after a new one was presented. We decided that we’d try to save a thousand lives instead of focusing exclusively on luring a thousand new people to our campus. Not that its a horrible idea to use a football player, but it just didn’t seem to resonate with who we are. Besides, the quarterbacks are already millionaires… they don’t need the money.

We decided to give all of the money we would have spent on the quarterback to charity: water. If you haven’t heard of them, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to civilization. How was it being frozen in ice all these years?

We sent them a check today for $26,000 today, which will go right to the people of Marialapas, Haiti. Apparently I’m going to Haiti to visit these lovely people when the project is done.

Best day at church, ever.

Haiti Relief Yard Sale

I still really have no idea what to say about the tragic earthquake in Haiti. But I want to help.

I’m just thinking as I type here… I don’t have a whole bunch of money, and time is of the essence. I’ve seen some friends planning a car wash for every Saturday, and they’ll donate the money they make to the rescue and relief efforts.

What about a huge yard sale? What if I got ahold of everyone I know here in the Phoenix area, asked them to donate anything could spare, got some Uhaul trucks (maybe donated) and went around for a couple weeks picking it all up… then promoted it all over the place (Twitter, Facebook, Email, Fliers, Signs, News Stations, etc…).

I think I will.

Is this a crazy idea? Is there a better way?

I think I might put together the biggest yard sale Gilbert, Arizona has ever seen. And give every single penny to The Red Cross.

What do you think? If you live close by would you donate some stuff?