Guacamole tastes like vomit


How can anyone like guacamole?

I just don’t get it. It tastes like vomit. The guy in the picture is a guacamole maker. Grab some chips.

Guacamole tastes like someone else’s vomit.

I can’t stand onions… but I get why people like them. Tomatoes are nasty to me, but I get it. I would rather eat a plate of broken glass than a plate of asparagus, but I can see why someone would like asparagus.

But I do not taste or see anything appetizing about guacamole.

“Oh, but you haven’t had _____’s guacamole. If you had _____’s guacamole then you’d change your mind.”

I had their guacamole and I hated it.

Are there any other normal people out there who can’t stand this stuff?

Are you a guacamole lover?

If it isn’t guacamole, what food triggers your gag reflex?

free fry refills?

Linds and I were at In-N-Out tonight on a fancy date, and I saw something that I need to get some clarification on…

A guy walked up to the counter with an empty french fry holder, asked the guy at the counter for a refill, and the guy quickly said “Of course“, turned around, held the fry thing up to the fry girl behind him who scooped a HUGE fry scoop into this guy’s fry holder.

Nobody blinked an eye. The two guys didn’t know each other (one was a teenage kid and the other was an old guy). It was all so normal to both of them.


Does In-N-Out hook up free french fry refills?

Is that way too much french fry for one man?

Does everyone know this but me???

OK wait… it gets even more ridiculous.

The guy THEN asks for “some of that chocolate milk“. In-N-Out doesn’t have chocolate milk bro. But the kid gives him a water cup filled with CHOCOLATE SHAKE! He didn’t even tell the guy that they don’t have chocolate milk. He just gave the dude some shake. WHAT THE HECK???

Not a shady looking kid, in a very crowded restaurant, with employees everywhere.

Am I missing something? Is this normal?