welcome to my weirdness

Here’s a story for ya.

Two nights ago. 3 am. Sleeping. Lindsay wakes me up…

“Ryan… what are you doing??? What are you dreaming about???”

I sort of wake up, but I remain in a really cloudy dreamlike world. I don’t answer her, but I realize why she’s asking me what I’m doing.

I have my bedside lamp in my hand, holding it out at about a 45-degree angle with my arm fully extended. I had grabbed it in my dream and pulled it off the table, knocking everything on the table onto the ground. That’s what woke Lindsay up, but not me.

I realize in my dreaminess that this is weird, but I leave it out there in my hand, fully extended. Not sure why…

“RYAN, what are you doing?????”

My response, not sure why: “Stop asking me that… you’re tripping me out.”

Lindsay tells me that at that point I dropped the lamp on the ground and fell back asleep pretty quickly.

So my question is this- what the heck is wrong with me?

Was I going to hit Lindsay with the lamp? Was I dreaming about letting my light shine before men? Should I sleep in a straight jacket?