Can you hear this?

Yanked this one from Brian Wurzell’s blog. We discovered that my wife has supersonic hearing. Can you hear this?? Turn your volume way up… and if you have an iPhone go get this app and try it out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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love and marriage

brian wurzellDriving to Lake Havasu tonight to spend the weekend celebrating my buddy Brian Wurzell. These things always feel a little bit like a funeral… not in a “this sucks, I wish I was somewhere else…” kind of way, but in a “laying your singleness to rest forever” kind of way.

Promise is a lucky lady. Except, well… she’s gotta make out with a bearded dude for the rest of her life.

(My dad had a huge beard when I was a kid. Was kinda like kissing a grizzly bear.)

the birds and the bees

I was five years old when I got “the talk“. Yep… five. My older brother Derek was there, I remember that much. He was nine.

My brother and I were about to move in with my dad, and my mom wanted to make sure that we got the story straight before we got there. She knew that my dad wasn’t going to talk to us about it (which was true, he never did).

I have a huge bucket of memories from those days, but I can’t remember one word my mom said to us. Not one word. I blacked out it all out. Maybe a counselor will find it some day…

Tomorrow night I’m beginning a teaching series with our highschool students called “Bow Chika Wow Wow“. It’s not really about sex though. More about our humanity… the temptations and urges that can jack up our lives if misused and abused.

So… when did YOU get “the talk”?

Parents… when do you plan on giving “the talk”?

And… shouldn’t it be more than one talk?