blink blinkity blink

Hi, my name is Ryan, and I love me some Rob Bell.

Just this week I had someone say to me, “Well, I know you’re a fan of Rob Bell, so… I wasn’t sure where you stood on the issue.” What??

I can’t imagine how much it must suck to have so many people misunderstand you on a daily basis. I’ve heard people say the most ridiculous things about what Rob believes — stuff that he has repeatedly clarified over and over and over again (virgin birth, heaven and hell, are they prescription or just for looks, etc…). But anywho…

Rob was our guest speaker last night in my high school ministry. We watched his recent Nooma filmShe“, and then had a pretty sweet open forum discussion. We had the students break off into groups a few times to discuss a question we gave them, then come back and share their answers with the group. Our students are really sharp! They had some great insights.

After the video last night we had a little contest with our students. We had all of them write down how many times they thought Rob Bell blinked during the film. We can only see Rob for about half the time, so… how many times do you think he blinked while on camera?

508 times.

I wonder if he knows that he’s got that going on.

I watched myself teach one time on video with the audio muted. I was saying all sorts of things with my hands, eyes, and posture that I’m not sure I intended.

What do you do? Do you have any quirks that people have called you on? Do you love Rob Bell too? haha!

This post is dedicated to all of my English/Writing teachers and professors who told me that I needed to stay on topic. I’ll always remember your… oh look a butterfly!!!

rob bell