don’t eat that

I talked about stewardship yesterday with my high school students, focusing on the bling bling. Call me crazy, but it seems to me that most teenagers have an unhealthy view of money. Not sure if it comes from mom and dad or those darn gangster rappers, but most kids are ignorant about how spiritual their money is.

I was gonna use the Elf clip to set up this story but I cut it right before I went on stage. A 62-year-old man went to the hospital back in 2002 because he was having stomach pains. Doctors freaked out when they saw this x-ray,

coin eater This guy had been sneaking around his house eating COINS. This lump of money in his stomach had to be removed, and it turned out to be about 350 coins! The whole thing added up to be about 12 pounds (about the size of a bowling ball). You can see how heavy it was by how far down it had pushed his stomach.

We might as well be eating our money if we’re not investing it in lasting things. Have you ever seen a Uhaul trailer attached to the back of a hearse? Probably not.

Ya can’t take it with ya.

Maybe that’s why Jesus talked more about money and possessions than faith, prayer, heaven and hell… combined.

Check out Paul’s approach to encourage generosity in 2 Corinthians 8.

Is this the approach you usually hear pastors use?