Blasphemy Day

CNN posted an article today about the first organized observance of “Blasphemy Day”. What a joke.

Ronald Lindsay, an atheist who is behind the wheel of this new adventure, is apparently an ex-Catholic who at one point was planning on entering the priesthood.

I’m not offended by this. I actually understand this guy’s motive. I agree that people should be able to say whatever they want to say about any religious group. I’m a pastor at a Christian church, and I see firsthand a multitude of things that SHOULD be made fun of (enter Benny Hinn video clip here). Religious people do and say all sorts of moronic things. But comedy is a tough gig, and I don’t think Ron has what it takes.

Being offensive doesn’t make something funny. Something offensive CAN be funny, Dane Cook proves that sometimes, but painting stupid pictures and giggling with your atheist buddies doesn’t make you funny. It makes you a jerk. It makes you a burnt out ex-Catholic who gets mad at fire-breathing religious people. I don’t like those religious nuts very much either (and Jesus wasn’t a big fan of over-the-toppers either).

I’m pretty sure that an infinite God has infinite patience for this sort of thing. I’m pretty sure that a God who has witnessed orgies and self-castration festivals can handle a few pot shots from some atheists. I’m pretty sure that a God of any worth must be a little bit frustrated that we don’t spend more time caring about things that matter… like the fact that 30, 40, maybe 50,000 people died on “Blasphemy Day” from preventable diseases.

So go ahead and make your jokes. I get it. You’re fighting for the right to speak irreverently about religion.

Such a noble cause…