Lent 2010

I’m not really fasting from much this Lent. I’m not going to drink any soda, but mostly because I think it’s time that I cut back. I can pound a hundred ounces of Diet Coke down in a day without any trouble. Don’t judge me.

I’m entering this Lent season interested more in what God can do in my life. I think that people fast from things for very good reasons, but as I considered it I quickly realized that most of my reasons were selfish. I wanted to feel good about saying no to something for a long time, and maybe break some unhealthy habits as a result. That’s just not enough for me right now.

All sorts of things are new in my life, and I want to see what God is up to. Lent is all about death and new life. I have some things that need to die so that I can truly live. I want God to show me those things so I can carry them to the cross with Him. Isaiah talked about some of the pros and cons of fasting. God’s offer is guidance in life and satisfaction for my greatest desires.

I want that.

I see plenty of value in fasting, but this Lent season I’m going to push everything else aside so that I can feast. I want to experience the passion and resurrection of Jesus, and I want God to transform my soul in and through the process.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”- Marcel Proust