allergies are destroying my face

face_punchToday was one of the worst days of my life. I think I sneezed AT LEAST a thousand times. My nose is rubbed raw from sneezing, blowing, and wiping. I even used the Kleenex with aloe, and it still feels like I wiped it with a cheese grater.

I never, ever, ever had any sort of allergies before this past year. But now they have conquered my face.

It feels like there are thousands of microscopic ninjas in my nose and sinuses. They’re shanking me with little ninja shanks. I’m tempted to snort a line of Anbesol.

Claritin failed. Zyrtec failed. Fluticasone nasal spray failed.

Do you have allergies? When did you get them? What do you do to not let them ruin your life? Is it possible to get a new nasal cavity? Can I have yours?