Red means STOP

I am fuming.

I’ve complained so many times about these moronic red-light runners in California. They’re everywhere. I can’t drive a mile without seeing one. I’d say that I hate them, but that’s more emotion than truth coming through. I hate that their petty hurriedness leads to fatal accidents. Some freaking 22-year-old kid runs a red light last night and kills 3 people , one of them a pitcher for the Angels. Then the kid tries to flee the scene.

I’ll admit that I have caught up to red-light runners, rolled my window down and asked them if they realize they just ran a red light. I’ve even pointed out that it was completely pointless because I didn’t run the light and I am now sitting next to them at the next light.

Yeah, I’m that guy.

I can’t stand it when sloppy people put innocent people’s lives in danger.

I’ll be praying for the families that lost their loved ones… and I’ll even pray for the stupid kid who caused all of this because he didn’t have an extra 45 seconds. Even he deserves a second chance (after a very long stint in prison).