Catalyst West Coast

francis chan

It looks like 25-30 of us from the Calvary team are attending Catalyst West Coast next April. I flew out to Atlanta to attend a Catalyst conference a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. There were something like 30,000 people at that one, and there’s supposed to be something like 3,000 at this regional event. Check out this cast of characters who will be speaking:

  1. Andy Stanley
  2. Erwin McManus
  3. Brian Houston
  4. Craig Groeschel
  5. Jud Wilhite
  6. Perry Noble
  7. Francis Chan
  8. Guy Kawasaki
  9. Nick Vujicic
  10. Catherine Rohr

And oh yeah, Hillsong freaking United will be leading worship. Those guys are 90% of the reason that I’m hearing impaired… (I’m not really hearing impaired)

I love conferences like this one. I love to rub elbows with people who refuse to just “do church”. I love that my team is coming out in full force because they don’t want to just do church either.

culture making

I’ve just started reading “Culture Making” by Andy Crouch, and on page 12 he says this:

“I hope friends will read this book and begin to envision their friendships not just as the companionship of compatible individuals but as potentially transformative partnerships in the places where they live, study, work and play.”

Anybody wanna be my friend?

I need a reading buddy. I recommend books to people, but half the time I get the “Oh man, I’ve got sixty-four books to read first” line. When they do read the books I recommend, they are usually grateful! Pastors are the worst people to read with… they (we) are all too busy to actually read something that doesn’t plug into their next sermon or bible study. I need a stay-at-home dad with no kids to be my reading buddy.