The Good News Is Better Than That


I was driving to work this morning when I saw this bumper sticker while sitting at a red light. I quickly pulled my phone from my pocket and snapped a photo of it, then tweeted this:

“That’s not the end of the sentence! This guy needs a bigger sticker!

I don’t know what purpose his sticker serves… is it to scare me? It’s not exactly a message of hope. What’s my next step… sulk? 

Now, for all I know this guy could go to my church, so I KNOW that he’s heard the rest of that verse. The sticker seems to make it seem like that’s all there is to say about it… but it’s not. That’s half the story. His sticker has a semicolon at the end, not a period. There’s more!

Maybe there wasn’t room for the good news? It was a pretty huge sticker! Maybe a smaller font could have been used?!

Either way, the sticker bothers me because it represents a shrunk-down “gospel”. If the Christian message is, “You suck”, that’s not very compelling.

Thank God that’s not the whole story.

We all fall short, but the beautiful part is that we’re all justified by His grace. 

Let’s tell the whole story and stop trying to scare people into loving God.

One thought on “The Good News Is Better Than That”

  1. Amen. Too many forget the full message of the gospel. Some only focus on the bad news, while others only talk about the good news without ever explaining the bad news that makes the good news so good.

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