Your Hope: Christ In You

Have you ever listened to a sermon that changed your life forever? I have twice. The first one was in 2001 at Forest Home, and the second one was 4 years later at Passion ‘05. Louie Giglio said this,

The question isn’t, “Do you know where you will go if you die tonight?” It’s, “If you don’t die, do you have the hope & confidence of a power source that will enable you to live triumphantly tomorrow?”

He went on to unpack Colossians 1:27, which speaks of Christ being in us, giving us that power to live triumphantly in this life.

It hit me like a wrecking ball. I’ve heard other people say similar things at that point, but for some reason those words grabbed me and have stuck with me ever since. That sermon that night changed me.

I’m sharing a similar sermon this weekend, and my prayer is that God will give many of the people in the crowd the same life-altering, world-view shattering experience.

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