“Cover the Night”

Invisible Children is encouraging people to post hundreds of thousands of posters & fliers all around their cities & towns on April 20th, calling it “Cover the Night”.

I love the energy… and I love the idea of getting the word out about this criminal.

But the police have another name for what will happen during those early morning hours:


Here’s why… Who’s cleaning up the mess from those posters and fliers? Do those shop owners want your posters plastered to their walls? 

Do you want to know what hates the whole idea? The city workers who are going to clean it all up when you’re asleep the next day.

If you’re planning a “Cover the Night” event on April 20th, you should also plan a “Clean up our crap” on April 21st.

Maybe I’m just getting old… or maybe I’ve been teepee’d one too many times!

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