They call me Mr. Guard

My full-time job is still as the High School Pastor at MISSION Community Church, but starting this Monday I will have a second job. I’m ridiculously excited to become the Freshman Bible teacher at Gilbert Christian High School! I’ve committed to finishing out the school year for them.

I’ll have two classes in the morning (7:45-9:30), then I’ll head to MISSION. I’ll have to adjust my hours at MISSION, but my supervisor and the rest of our Spiritual Formation Team were gracious enough to make some adjustments for me so this would work out.

I have a good amount of students that attend GCHS. It’ll be great to spend two hours with students every day, plus I’ll get to do one of the things I was born to do… teach the bible! They call that a win-win.

If the 1997 version of me heard that the 2012 version of me was a pastor AND a teacher, he would laugh himself into a heart attack.

How fun is this?! I’m a high school teacher… ha! So crazy.

OH, and the classroom has a Promethean interactive whiteboard. You might have seen them on CNN. Can’t wait to use that!

Check out my classroom HERE.

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