One Word Resolution

There are plenty of things that need to change in my life. That last sentence didn’t surprise anyone that knows me well. Sure, I’ve got some good things going for me, but even this sentence is an attempt to take the sting off the first sentence. If I listed them all here, and then attached resolutions for each one of them, we’d all be exhausted. It just wouldn’t be realistic, and goals should be attainable.

So I’m pursuing one word for 2012… just one. I want this one word to mold me, shape me, and push me to squeeze as much life as I can out of this year.

My word isn’t a fun word, or a new word. It isn’t very creative or original. 

My word is OBEDIENCE.

I have plenty to learn in life, but I need to be obedient to what I already know. I always want to read the latest book, or learn the latest method… but what I really need is a deeper conviction to be obedient to the truths I already know.

What kind of man will I be in December of 2012 if I submit myself to being obedient to God in every moment of every day next year? What would my marriage look like if I was obedient to the word of God in regards to how I love my wife? What if I didn’t learn one new thing in 2012 about ethics or morality, but instead was obedient to “loving my neighbor as myself”?

Obedience is a submissive word that most people would associate with their dogs behaving… but for me it’s a word that leads to life. It’s a way of life that invites me to become fully alive, to become more free.

What’s your word for 2012?

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