Griffin’s Surgery

Griffin has had some minor issues with one of his kidneys since he was born. We’ve had it checked every 3 months since then, and it improved each time we went, until his check-up last week. It got bad enough that the doctor said he needed surgery right away.

Tomorrow morning we will be heading up to Phoenix Children’s Hospital to have his kidney repaired. We’ll get there at 10a and wait 3 long hours until his surgery at 1p. It should only take about an hour, but he’ll have to be put under anesthesia. We’ll stay there with him for at least one night.

I’ve thought a lot about how to describe the emotions we’re feeling as the day approaches. If I’m honest, I’m scared. I’m almost always an optimist, but I’m scared. I trust our doctor, but I’m scared. I trust God, but I’m scared. I know it’s a routine operation, but I’m pretty scared.

I’ve just never loved anyone like I love Griffin. My love for him is idolatrous. I can’t explain it. It’s just different.

Please pray for our little man, his doctors and for us tomorrow.

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