I’ve had Ben in my high school ministry since he was a sneaky 8th grader who decided to come to our service. He graduated high school earlier this year and he’s heading to Asia with ywam for 6 months! Side note: I sat on my butt for 12 months and did nothing after high school.

ywam has told him what he’ll be doing for the first 3 months, but they don’t tell him what he’ll be doing for the other 3. All he knows is that he’ll probably still be in Asia. Does this remind anyone else of Abraham’s call from God?

“Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.”- Gen 12:1

Abraham was given almost no detail, yet he went. Ben is taking the same step of faith that Abraham made thousands of years ago, because the best things happen on the other side of those steps. 

This is a photo of us praying with him that past weekend during our HS service.

Go Ben, GO!

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