Big Girls Don’t Cry

Have you noticed how often guys tweet/blog/talk about how they recently cried about something? This post is the exact same thing, but the opposite.

Last night I posed a random question to some friends while we ate dinner. I jokingly told them that this question was a gauge of the depth of their spiritual life:

“Did you cry when you watched “The Passion of the Christ” for the first time?”

There were 3 women and 2 men (including me) in the conversation, and I was the only one to say that I didn’t cry.

I remember sitting in the crowd at the movie theater and realizing that I might be the only one not crying. There was a symphony of sniffing and snorting going on, but not in my seat. I loved the movie, and felt a deep appreciation for the sacrifice of Christ, but I didn’t want to cry! Maybe it was because I knew how the story would end.

What a spiritual zero, right?! It probably didn’t help when I laughed/snorted a little after seeing Jim Caviezel’s butt in the final scene. No, YOU grow up.

I don’t cry much, but it happens:

  • I’ll get choked up while preaching sometimes… especially with my students.
  • THIS EPISODE of “16 and Pregnant” got me to cry. Not as much as my wife who was sitting next to me, but it broke me down. Yep, an MTV show got me to cry but not The Passion of the Christ. *Disclaimer: I love Jesus more than MTV. I don’t even have cable any more.
  • I remember crying in one of the Star Wars movies when I was a kid… I think it was when the Ewoks had to leave, or one of them died… either way I remember my older brother catching me crying and making me feel like a little sister. *Disclaimer: I don’t have baggage that effects my ability to cry.
  • I cried like a big girl when my wife was walking down the aisle at our wedding.

So… did YOU cry at The Passion of the Christ?

If not, what gets you choked up?


3 thoughts on “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

  1. 1. That picture is awesome, bro!
    2. I put the question, “When was the last time the gospel made you cry?” on our leader evaluation forms. Got a lot of pushback from the guys who don’t cry. But the more I push into it, the more it really does reveal issues of hard-heartedness, not being in the habit of deeply dwelling on the gospel, or not having any emotions.
    3. That picture is awesome!

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