No More Cable

Last week I posted a question on Twitter & Facebook asking if anyone had bought a Roku or Apple TV player. I got all sorts of feedback, and it didn’t take long before I was at Fry’s Electronics buying a Roku. They were the only location in town that carried their XD|S version.

I called my cable company and told them I wanted an Internet-only option. They tried to offer me all sorts of discount to keep my cable and phone, but I was persistent and talked them down to $55 a month for high-speed Internet. That’s $116 less per month than I was paying!

The Roku has channels that provide us with plenty to watch. We have a Netflix account and a Hulu Plus account, so we’re able to see all of the shows that we watched (just a day later when they’re online).

I’ll miss live sports, but I’ll use for some of that. I’ll probably buy the NBA Game Time feature and get 40+ live games a week.

I’ll miss CNN, but I can always use their website too.

I’ve got Pandora playing right now, which is a nice break from the TV.

My router died today, after about 8 years of use, so I went and bought a new Netgear router that’s even faster than my last one.

So I’m done with cable, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I can think of 500 better things to do with $116 every month, and I don’t feel like I’m missing much.

You can find some more great info about making the switch away from cable HERE and HERE.

4 thoughts on “No More Cable”

  1. Unless cable adapts and changes their pricing structures, more and more people will continue to do the same. It’s an absolute rip off.

  2. No, just got rid of cable almost a year ago and do Netflix only. But I think that Acuff post is pretty funny. I always playfully act all holy – “Yeah, I got rid of cable a while ago.” But we still watch tv, just on netflix. I miss sports but I watch big games at friend’s houses or wherever. It’s better for community and I’m not zoned out watching sports and ignoring my girls.

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