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I have hundreds of books and almost all of them are about the same thing: Jesus. When I’m preparing for a sermon, I love to dig through the books for thoughts, illustrations, etc… As you know, many books have a Topic Index, Scripture Index, Concordance, or some sort of notes that you can flip through if you’re looking for something specific. Most books don’t though, and that’s where can help.

Imagine you’re looking for a book that covers the topic of ANXIETY. You look at your shelf and you see a copy of Brennan Manning’s “RUTHLESS TRUST“. The “Contents” page doesn’t have any titles that are obvious enough, and there isn’t an index of topics in the back, so here’s what you can do.

Go to and search for the book.

Once you have found the book and have opened the page, look at see if it has the “LOOK INSIDE” feature.









If it does, you can either click on the picture of the book, or hover over it and you’ll see a search bar. Type in your keyword.




















All you have to do is click on those blue links and Amazon will take you right to the page where you can find it. You can do this even with books you don’t own, because Amazon will let you read a good amount of the book right there using the SEARCH feature.

I hope this helps!

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