Catalyst One Day: Phoenix

My team and I will be attending Catalyst One Day in Phoenix on November 18th! Well, my baby boy is due on November 17th, so there’s a chance I’ll miss it.

The focus for this year’s conference is MOMENTUM: What is it? Why is it important? How do you get it and then how do you keep it? You’ll get to hear from a couple amazing pastors who have answered those questions time and time again.

Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel will share some tips and techniques that you can use to create and sustain momentum in your church or business. You’ll learn how to create systems, environments, and cultures that will set the right initiatives in motion to fuel progress.

The event will also include some rich times of worship, Q&A sessions, and some forums for candid conversations with Andy and Craig.

You can call Aaron Foster today to receive a special discounted rate of $99! His number is (888) 334-6569. Or…

The Catalyst peeps gave me two free tickets to give away! Leave a comment on this post with your first and last name. I’ll choose one random winner on November 5th.

9 thoughts on “Catalyst One Day: Phoenix”

  1. Heather Sanchez
    (the ticket is actually for my husband if I win but you said put my first & last name! Haha)

  2. I would love to learn how to start momentum…I see it but want to learn how I can help facilitate in my church. Thanks Ryan!

  3. This is my official entry into “win Ryan’s tickets, because having a baby is way better than hearing Andy Stanley” contest. 🙂

    And my name is Joel Mayward.

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