Fairies, Bunnies and Santa Clause

I believed in Santa Clause as a kid. I argued with older kids at school, because I was convinced that he existed. Not only Santa, but the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny too. I loved believing in them! I got presents from Santa and from my parents- the tags said one or the other. There was NO WAY that my mom and dad could have got that tooth out of that envelope, especially because it was under my pillow! And seriously, where did all of those eggs come from?

I have been talking to some people about Santa, the bunny and the fairy this week… and I was really surprised to learn that they grew up in homes where those things were known to be fiction from the very beginning, and that their kids would know the same!

I thought everyone did the Santa thing!!!

Lindsay and I plan on telling our little boy that Santa exists, and all of the other characters too. We loved it, and we want our kids to love it too. We’ll tell them about Jesus, and the real reason for the seasons… but we can’t imagine not having kids that don’t experience that! We’ll figure out the best time to tell them that they’re not real. That’ll be a tough day, but it’ll be preceded by years of goodness.

What about you? Did you believe in Santa and the others? Do you plan on telling your kids that they are real? Why or why not?

8 thoughts on “Fairies, Bunnies and Santa Clause”

  1. I believed and in some ways I guess I still do. I learned the truth when I saw my uncle eating Santa’s cookies. I was not devastated but chose to continue with the fun of Santa. We still do it today. I’m in my 40s and if I am with my parents for the holidays I get a stocking with gifts and little tags saying from Santa in my mom’s handwriting. How as I child I had never figured out the tags were in her handwriting I will never know.

    Thank God for Santa. A character who gives selflessly to others.

  2. Ryan,
    I agree, your kids should have a healthy understanding of Santa, Bunnies and Fairies. I also think they should know how hard mom and dad work to give you those gifts also. I see so many times my friends slave to have a good Christmas for their children and then Santa gets all the credit. My sister taught me a valuable lesson. Let them believe but make sure they understand that mom and dad have to work very hard to get so many gifts. They only did one gift from Santa not even necessarily the big gift. Ryan and I have decided to follow the same concept. We don’t think Santa should get the credit for the best gift when mom and dad worked hard to get it for them. A healthy balance is the best. It also creates a good understanding and appreciation for what they did receive.
    I’m so happy for the two of you! Congrats!

  3. Ryan,
    I grew up as the only kid in school not believing in Santa. I always thought it was because Jesus was the reason for the season and my Dad was a very strong Christian man who didn’t want us to think any other way. Years later, after spoiling it for many of my friends, I asked my Dad….”So did your parents not want you believing in Santa when you were little? Is that why you did the same?” He replied, “Oh no, I was so crushed when I found out that there was no Santa that I didn’t want my children feeling the same way.” “WHAT???” Well, needless to say…both my kids believed in Santa and the Tooth Fairy for many years before some kid at school ruined for them. It was so FUN leaving the boot prints, the big bite taken out of the cookie and watching their eyes light up!!!

  4. Hey guys!
    I grew up believing in Santa and maybe the tooth fairy (can’t remember that one) and definitely had a hefty appreciation for the beauty of imagination.

    I didn’t give all of it much thought until my first son was three or four and didn’t seem to be picking up on the whole Santa thing through osmosis. I guess I just assumed that our part was simply not to say otherwise and spoil the surprise, but instead I found myself struggling with the idea of actively working to convince my son of something that wasn’t true. And then of course, years later, to have to say “Oh, by the way … that’s all fake!”

    Maybe I just think too much. Because my son has asperger’s (as we soon found out), his brain just works differently, so he was 5 or 6 before he even got the Santa thing. My younger son picked up on it much earlier.

    All of that to say, I eventually got there with Santa because it’s just such a special, magical part of Christmas. But we decided against the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny. We just tell them the tooth fairy and easter bunny are mom and dad. 🙂

    This is one of those parenting decisions that I totally get from both sides. I think your love of the wonder and magic of Santa, etc will be an awesome thing for your little boy!!

  5. My dad was the ultimate old school pastor who refused to let me believe in “Santa” because Santa is not Jesus and Christmas is about Jesus.
    I know he had good intentions but I’m bummed I don’t have childhood memories like Shane.
    He fully believed in Santa and all and he has so many memories that make him light up to this day, just talking about them.
    For me, it’s the imagination.
    I really believe I struggled having a true imagination because my parents believed in being “real”.
    Imagination is a huge part of creativity.
    All this to say, I know Shane and I have only been married a short time and kids are far in the future but I think we both agree Santa will be apart of our family tradition 🙂

  6. Ryan,
    My mom told me about all three of those things, and I believed in them quite late into my childhood, nearly into the double digits! But one thing that was a side effect of that was me thinking that since my mom told me about all of these invisible benefactors, and God was one of them, then God must not be real either.
    I don’t think that, if I ever have kids, I will tell them. I’d rather have them know the real reasons for the holidays. 🙂

  7. My parents did the whole Santa Claus “thing’ with my ( 6 year older) sister ~ when she found out there really wasn’t one, she cried for days and asked them how could they lie to her like that…. they decided not to do that with me.

    I was not against it, at all with my kids and planned on playing along and having fun with it. When my oldest was 3, she looked at me and said There’s no way there’s a Santa Clause, that’s just dumb!! I was shocked. Needless to say, she made sure none of her siblings, she has 3 younger than her, knew the whole truth about Santa.

    My kids are pretty much grown now–20,18, 16 and 14~ but when they were little I got calls ALL THE TIME from parents, asking me to have my children stop telling everybody there’s no Santa. 🙂

    Marlo Haft

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