Two Sundays ago I was sitting on a charter bus on my way to Summer Camp when I received an email. It was from a sweet girl in California who wanted to talk to Lindsay and I about adopting her baby. I can’t remember exactly how it sounded, but I made a pretty loud/odd/happy noise right when I read who it was from! Everyone within ten feet of me on the bus heard it and looked at me. In the email she told me that the baby’s due date was November 20th, which is only three days before my birthday by the way! I told her to call Lindsay since I wouldn’t be able to talk much while I was at camp.

OK, so I get to camp and I’m super excited about everything. It was just awesome to be in a conversation with someone! I had tried not to get my hopes up, since I had no idea if it was going to work out with the girl in California.

A couple of days into camp I took about ten students to this huge craft shop where you can buy all sorts of stuff and stain it or paint it. Everyone started to look for whatever they wanted to paint and I said, “I think I’ll try to find something for our baby, or the baby’s room. I have no idea when we’ll actually bring a baby home, but I want to make something for whenever that is”.

I scan the first huge wall of items, and then the second huge wall, but I find nothing. I get to the last wall…

And I find this. <– click that sentence

There’s a whole wall of them, probably 50 of them! All of them are wrapped, and all of them are set to that date! It could have been 364 other dates… but no.

I said, “This is either the hugest coincidence of all time, or God sent me a pretty sweet sign! That or God is seriously, seriously mean. I think it’s a sign, haha!”

A week later we were asked to be the parents of that baby. Due date: November 20th!

7 thoughts on “Serendipity”

  1. Yikes.

    My heart just tore in half.

    There are no words to explain how rich and amazing being a dad is. I know that you’ll be the best dude!

    Much love.

  2. That my friend is a fantastic story. I got a chill up my back when I saw that pic. Stoked for you and Lindsay man. I agree with J-Dubb no words. Even the 2nd time around my only response is awe and and overwhelming feeling that I can’t even describe.

    You’re gonna rock it man.

  3. Dude!

    I seriously cannot tell you how pumped I am for you guys! You will both make the best parents! So stoked to see you as a dad!

  4. awesome!!! God is in control of all….even little small wooden calendars!!!!! Congrats to you and Lindsay! I just shared this sweet story with my kids and they were amazed!!! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story of how God is always involved in the small details of our lives and how He cares for us so much. Blessings to you & Lindsay.

  5. WOW! Just found your site through Promise and I am glad I stopped by. It is so amazing to see God at work. What a blessing for you and your wife. Thank you for sharing, its great to know God has such beautiful ways to give us his seal of approval!

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