Baby Guard Yard Sale

Let the fundraising begin!

We need to raise about $17,000 to bring home Baby Guard. :: gulp::  I was gonna use as our fundraising page, but Lindsay said that was insensitive; I thought it was funny. That’s usually how our conversations go, ha! I guess I wasted $10 on that domain.

We, along with our friends Matt and Ally, are having a huge yard sale at the Guard casa next Friday AND Saturday the 7th and 8th.

We’re going to split the profits from the day with Matt and Ally, since they’re adopting too!

If you would like to donate something that we could sell at our yard sale, we gladly accept! We can come pick stuff up, or you can drop it off at our house any time between now and then.

If you can’t make it to the yard sale, but would like to support our adoption financially, please use the “DONATE” button on our Dear Baby Guard blog.

Our address is 2680 East Brooks Street, Gilbert AZ, 85296 (Google Map Link).

Side note: Lindsay is worried about me putting our address up online, so I just wanted to remind everyone that, although I’m a pastor, I have a criminal history. If you break into my house you will likely evoke the 1998 version of Ryan. I also want to remind everyone that I’m kidding… sort of.

4 thoughts on “Baby Guard Yard Sale”

  1. Hope to swing by and shop and may drop off a bag or two of stuff for you to put out the same day if that is ok?

    Just tell yourself. It’s not that much money compared to how much they will cost over a life time. 🙂

  2. hi, i stumbled upon your blog which is funny because i am in washington and you are in arizona. which might not be so funny, as i am originally from arizona.

    anyways. randomly enough the marketing firm i work for just kicked off a new campaign and help people who are looking to adopt. (direct link)

    we design and print shirts at a low cost so you can sell them in an effort to raise money. i might be too far away to help you on this one — but i wanted to at least put the idea in your mind. design a cool shirt, sell it. we have one family we have helped so far – and after a month and a half of raising money (yard sale, t-shirts, hats, donations etc .. they are already at 8600 of their 10,000) just a little inspiration for ya!

    ps. i think is hilarious.

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