Girl Power

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: The girls in my High School Ministry are leading the way.

We have some AMAZING guys who are a part of our ministry. But…

More girls serve in Children’s Ministry, 5/6th, Junior High Ministry and other various ministries in the church than guys do.

More girls are plugged into small groups than guys.

More girls show up to events, trips, and camps. Example: As of now we have 16 students signed up for a mission trip later this year. 13 girls.

More girls have found creative ways to own their faith than guys have. I can’t measure this one mathematically, but I’m pretty observant.

The list goes on and on.

My guys are doing great things… but if this was a spiritual Battle of the Sexes, the fellas would be losing!

For those pastors and churches who limit the role of women in ministry, and treat them as second-hand citizens in the Kingdom of God: come hang out in the Mission High School Ministry some time. You’ll be eating your words.


{the foxy buff woman in the picture is my lovely wife}

2 thoughts on “Girl Power”

  1. Dude, we talked about this all the time at Caravan. There was ALWAYS a ton more girls coming down with groups then guys. Eddie also never has problems getting girl staff, there’s a waiting list. But always has trouble getting guy staff, always… Girls are just more comfortable getting out of their comfort zone.

  2. Interesting. You’d think guys would be open to stepping out of their comfort zone. We love challenges in every other arena of life. Maybe that’s not true during the teen years.

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