Memorize Colossians

I’ve made this offer a bunch of times, but so far none of my students completed the mission:

If one of my high school students can memorize the book of Colossians before summer camp I’ll let them go for FREE. That’s about a $500 prize. We’re headed to Forest Home for a week, which would be an amazing amazing amazing thing to win for anyone of any age.

This should be easy. It takes about 10 minutes to read all four chapters of Colossians out loud, which is what… 2 and 1/2 songs? We all now 10x that many songs by heart, so our brains are fully capable of doing it.

The rules: Any translation, word perfect, all at one time, before camp, one winner.


The most I’ve ever memorized was Psalm 101 back in 2001.

{Side note: I include an additional $3  for the cost of each student’s camp to raise enough money to cover this spot. It’s a much more creative way to do a giveaway than dishing out a bunch of cash from your ministry budget}.

4 thoughts on “Memorize Colossians”

  1. WHAT? You did?! That’s amazing Paisley!

    Bring it girl.

    Only one problem: you’re a senior so… you can’t win the trip. You’ll only receive the present and eternal rewards that come along with memorizing one of the greatest pieces of God-breathed literature ever. Sorry about that 😉

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