Soul City Church

I’m excited to see what God does in 2010 through a church plant called Soul City Church. They’re scheduled to launch this Spring in Chicago, and they’ve already got a great team in place! If I didn’t absolutely love my job I’d be dropping a resume’ on the doorstep of Jarrett and Jeanne Stevens!

Don’t worry Mark, I love my job! A lot.

Planting a church can seem like such a sexy thing to do. These guys are doing all of the sexy things with social networking, websites, etc… but when you dig deeper into what they’re doing you can see that they’re actually ready to shepherd people. I’ve seen a lot of church plants to do the fun stuff well, but then tank when it comes to sustaining the momentum they created pre-launch.

Kudos to them for planting in Chicago. That’s obedience right there.

Check them out, and consider supporting them as they get started by making a donation right here: Year End Start.

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