Matt Chandler & Kate McRae

“I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”- Mother Theresa

If you read my blog, there’s about an 88% chance that you know who Matt Chandler is.

The news of his cancer has been all over the blogs and Twitter. I just noticed that he got about 14,000 new followers on Twitter over the past three months. News travels fast.

I already wanted to punch cancer in the face earlier this year when Kate McRae was diagnosed. She’s the sweetest little girl on the planet. And there can’t be a cuter little face on the planet than hers.

What has stuck with me the most through all of this is the way that Matt and Kate have handled this whole thing. Matt, his family and their church have done nothing but give glory to God through this whole thing. Kate, her family and their church have done the same.

When tragedy strikes, our faith is sifted like wheat. We’re torn apart, but God somehow keeps us together. Cancer has the capacity to derail someone’s faith, but these two are unshakable.

I’m just really inspired by that today. Inspired by their strength.

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