Cold Hard Cash Church… BOOYAH!

If you’re a follower of Jesus, and this video doesn’t make you angry, one of these two things are true: Either you are WAY more patient than I am, or you are a goon. I’m guessing most of you are just way more patient than I am.

Usually this sort of thing just makes me say, “Oh man, there’s another one of those fake pastors peddling another fake gospel. So lame…“. But this one got under my skin for a couple reasons:

First, I can’t stand gimmicks in the Church. Hey pastors, I love you, and I want you to succeed. I want 6 billion people coming to church on Sundays (or Saturday nights). So listen: If you’re living out the way of Jesus, you don’t need to give away an Xbox. (Side confession: I’ve given away a few in the past, so I’ve got my own gimmicky sins to repent of).

The gospel has made it a long way without gimmicks. The Good News IS ACTUALLY GOOD NEWS, and it doesn’t need your sprinkles on top. If it’s the gospel, the real gospel, then people will rip a hole in your roof to join you. All sorts of people. Poor people, rich people, dirty people, clean people, presidents, peasants, and even teenagers.

Second, I can’t stomach this guy because he’s a false prophet. He’s worse than guys who promise temples that never show up… He promises hope where it can’t be found because HE WANTS YOUR MONEY. The downside for the “lottery winners”: next month’s bills are on the way! What is their hope built on? Winning again? Oh, and their church’s attendance is growing- so their chances of winning are decreasing, but that won’t stop them, will it…

And this is the garbage that CNN picks up to cover?

Jesus is enough.

Fell free to poke holes in my philosophy, I welcome it. But I needed to vent this one.

11 thoughts on “Cold Hard Cash Church… BOOYAH!”

  1. Wow…. That’s so sad. I mean I haven’t been a Christian for very long, but that isn’t right or biblical. Jesus doesn’t say to come to the cross all you who are tired and heavy burdened and I will give u money to fix all your problems. No he says I will give u rest, and be there with u. The church isn’t for ppl to come to win money. It’s to find the truth in Jesus. That even without money everything will work out for the good of those who love him, maybe not on earth, but in heaven.
    Mann… This guy us not teaching Jesus, he is leading ppl to money and eventually spiritual death. It’s sad. Jesus is all you need. It breaks my heartto see a pastor preach money as faith and hope in money. It’s like slapping Jesus in the face, saying the cross wasn’t enough we need money. Put your hope and faith and eveything in Jesus. He’s bigger then this life and anything it has to offer!
    Sad… I’m praying for this guy and the ppl he’s leading to spiritual death. I pray he finds life to the fullest in Jesus, along with the ppl he is leading.
    Sorry it’s sooooo long I just really had a lot to say about this…

  2. No.. I think you pretty much nailed it. It truly is messed up. And they thing that got me is at the end of the service he runs off the stage like he is some kindof “rock star” what the heck.

    just yet another way to make non-christians think that we are weird….excellent.

  3. Yeah, that guy makes me angry, but EVERY megachurch is guilty of the same thing… using gimmicks to get people in the door. The only difference is that some churches are really good at disguising the gimmick. I have spent the better part of my career in ministry thinking up such gimmicks and how to mask them as something else.

    You’re right the Gospel is power in and of itself and the biggest reason why people aren’t ripping the roof off to get in to churches on Sundays is because men have screwed it up by bureaucracizing it.

  4. Adam, yeah I noticed that…

    Seattle, I think you’re doing what Adam was worried about. You’re painting everyone with the same brush. You even used all caps. Not every church is guilty of using gimmicks.

    I don’t know if bureaucratizing is the main reason… I’ve got to put laziness and negative perceptions above that one.

  5. What I saw made me really sad, but I guess our response from here forward is to pray that these people that have attended this church would really hear the Gospel. That they would know that they really need Savior more than money. We should also pray that any seed that has been planted would grow.

  6. You’re totally right Alex.

    Call me impatient, but… I’d like to uproot any seeds this guy has planted, and expose him and his “gospel” as fakes. And then pray for him. You’ve got a softer heart than me 😉

  7. Wait, I actually agreed with that line a little bit. It’s a stretch, but getting INTO debt is very “spiritual” you could say. Where your treasure is, there’s your heart too, right?

    Wait, did I just defend this guy? I recant.

  8. Ryan, you made an excellent point about the roof thing. There are people who want to hear the Gospel, and some people just are lured there by bribes. I don’t want to judge this man, so I just really hope he realizes the reality of the cross before he dies. It’s. All. We. Need. We don’t need $500; we don’t need a fancy suit like he has on; we don’t need any of that. I’m content in rags that I bought for $2 or a hand-me-down, and why? Because no matter what happens, no matter the storm, no matter what anybody else does TO me, I have hope for a place where everything is made new, where there is no pain.

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